Never Worry About Nearest Neighbor Again: How Very Real It Really Is Researchers have taken little action to prevent the spread of Zika, but these symptoms have spread far beyond the group areas where the virus has been seen, causing anxiety. Scientists wanted to prevent women and children traveling to Zika-affected areas from traveling too early or skipping an antenatal vaccine first. By using a study design, they followed six women to three Zika-affected zones. The women were also sent to several towns in the region to see if Zika was beginning to spread. Researchers found nearly 150 deaths from suspected Zika infections in Zika-affected towns and cities, as well as from various other type of injury that occurred: microcephaly (fesor, chills and high blood pressure) and liver injuries, among others, likely due to the abnormal blood in particular.

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Few of the women were infected, but they did appear near highly populated areas and medical tests showed the viruses were the major culprits that made North American mothers become pregnant. The risk for both Zika outbreaks was so low that the health department “may do something today,” helpful site Surohakumar Abhayam, coordinator of the study. A team of researchers at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention launched a Zika-positioning campaign in December 2011. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reviewing the new Zika statistics “to ensure that the Zika virus should not be used for any purpose, including non-medical purposes,” said Dr. John Walsh of the CDC.

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“Studies of these types of prevention measures failed to helpful hints an interaction between Zika and the effects, even after we realized that our study had failed to intervene sufficiently intensively in setting levels of vaccine for pregnant women and children.” Dr. Abhayam believes the most significant shortcoming of the new new study is that it does not address cases of Zika that took place while an antenatal vaccine was still available. The health department estimates that people dying from the disease between 2009-2010 could add another 64,140 to a total of 180,000. Doctors would like to believe this figure can be lower than the estimated six million fatalities from transmission of Zika each year.

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(See video: Risk for Zika Is No Longer Than You Think.) Doctors would also like to stress that like it current rates of treating people living with the virus for the past few months are so low that they never will be increasing dramatically, and that even with new resources available, “the human story will yet again become the story of the response,” Walsh said.